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Expanding Use Cases with the New Payment Link | Monday, October 16, 2023

In an effort to continually enhance user experience and streamline online transactions, we are proud to announce a major update to Payment Link. This transformative update introduces a range of exciting features aimed at simplifying payment processes and providing users with unprecedented flexibility.

New Features

1) Customizable Order Details

Recognizing that Payment Links serve various purposes, DOKU now provides a range of Order Detail options, catering to different business needs:

2) Customizable Customer Details:

Customers play a pivotal role in payment transactions, and DOKU's Payment Link now offers two customer detail options:

3) Multiple Payments

The Multiple Payment Link feature enables merchants to accept multiple payments using the same link. This is perfect for selling products or services that involve multiple customers. Merchants can set payment limits per link, or allow unlimited transactions.

4) Partial Payments

Merchants gain the flexibility to personalize payment links with custom URLs, providing a unique and branded payment experience.

6) Success Page URL

The Success Page URL feature seamlessly redirects customers to a designated URL after they successfully complete a payment, enhancing the overall user experience.

7) Adjustable Items Quantity

Merchants can exercise control by defining the quantity of items customers can order, with the option to set minimum and maximum limits per transaction.

DOKU simplifies the process of creating multiple payment links with the Bulk Payment Links feature. By uploading an XLSX file, the system automatically generates payment links, streamlining the workflow for merchants.

DOKU remains dedicated to delivering reliable and innovative payment solutions for merchants in Indonesia and beyond, further solidifying its position as a leader in the payment gateway industry.

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What is the Success Page URL feature for?

The Success Page URL allows you to redirect customers to a specific URL upon completing a payment, enhancing the user experience and guiding them to relevant content.

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