Whitelist Domain - DOKU Checkout

NEW! Whitelist Domain Feature for DOKU Checkout Users. Activate this feature for FREE for Additional Security Layer.

Why is this feature important for the security of your business transactions?

The sophistication of digital technology not only helps businesses grow, but also has the potential to attract fraudsters who target payment security on your business platform. For example, fraudsters can trick your customers into using fake URL domains so that customer payments can be diverted out of the payment system already registered with DOKU.

What should you do if this happens?

You can specify the URL domain with registered DOKU credentials. If you find that your business URL domain is being misused, take the step of blocking the URL domain using the Whitelist Domain feature. Fake URL domains are blocked, customer payments cannot be diverted to other domains.

By activating this feature, your business will gain an additional layer of security so that customer trust and loyalty can always be maintained.

How to activate this feature?

  1. Login to DOKU Dashboard

  2. Go to the Settings menu, then select Checkout Page

  3. Select the System Settings Tab

  4. In the Whitelist Domain Setting section, Set Your Checkout Page Domain.

With this setting, only registered checkout page URL domains can process your customer payments. Any access from unauthorized URLs and reported via the dashboard will be rejected.

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