🎉 New Product: Promo Engine

Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategies with Promo Engine | Tuesday, 18 December 2023

Promo Engine puts the power of promotions right at your fingertips. Merchants can effortlessly create and manage captivating promotional campaigns directly from their dashboard. This tool is tailor-made to seamlessly integrate with your existing scheme, ensuring promotions resonate perfectly with your brand identity. Whether you're targeting customers through email, social media, mobile apps, or websites, Promo Engine covers it all.

Key Features

  • Intuitive Dashboard: A comprehensive dashboard awaits, allowing merchants to craft promotions with customizable options and manage them effortlessly. Duplicate, reactivate, or deactivate ongoing promotions in just a few clicks.

  • Discount Mastery: In its initial phase, Promo Engine offers merchants the ability to craft discount promotions while maintaining authority over scheme settings and payment channels.

Benefits of Promo

Boosting Sales

Say goodbye to stagnant sales figures. Promo Engine empowers merchants to entice customers with enticing discounts, catalyzing an uptick in sales and revenue. Struggling to clear inventory? Create targeted promotions to nudge customers toward purchasing decisions.

Customer Acquisition

Forge connections with new customers through irresistible promotions aimed at first-time buyers. Watch your customer base expand and your brand awareness flourish.

Customer Retention

Foster brand loyalty by rewarding loyal patrons with exclusive discounts and promotions. Strengthen long-term relationships while boosting repeat business.

Seasonal Strategies

Seamlessly manage seasonal and holiday-specific promotions to ride the wave of heightened demand. From Christmas sales to Ramadan specials, Promo Engine ensures your business capitalizes on peak periods.

Cross-Sell and Upsell

Elevate your revenue by promoting complementary products or services to existing customers. Encourage them to explore more and elevate their average order value.

Elevate Your Marketing with Promo Engine

DOKU merchants are set to experience the power of Promo Engine starting April 2023. Navigate to your dashboard and discover the all-new "Promo" menu, where possibilities await. Not ready to take the plunge? Test drive this game-changing tool in the Sandbox environment before unleashing it upon your customers.

Upcoming Feature

Cashback and Loyalty Programs

In our commitment to continually elevate your marketing game, Promo Engine is expanding its features. Soon, merchants will be able to leverage the power of cashback and loyalty programs. Reward your customers for their loyalty and encourage repeat business through exciting cashback offers. Build lasting relationships and enhance customer retention by implementing dynamic loyalty programs that keep them engaged and coming back for more.


How does Promo Engine work?

When customers proceed to the payment page, they will be presented with an option to apply a promo code. If eligible, entering the code will trigger an immediate deduction from the total amount due. This seamless experience enhances customer satisfaction and helps increase conversion rates.

Can I customize the conditions under which a Promo is offered?

Yes, you have full control over the conditions for applying this discount. Set specific criteria such as minimum order value, specific products, or purchase combinations to ensure the promo aligns with your marketing goals.

Can I combine one Promo with other types of promotions?

No, currently the promo engine does not support the combined promotion with other promo types, but soon you have the flexibility to design promotions that combine the "Promo for Discounted Amount on the Payment Page" with other promo types, such as cashback rewards or loyalty programs. This versatility allows you to create compelling and multi-dimensional offers.

Are there any limitations to the types of products or services eligible for a Promo?

You can specify which products or services are eligible for the promo. This allows you to target specific items or categories that align with your promotional objectives.

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