2-Step Verification - DOKU Dashboard

Enhanced Account Security with 2-Step Verification

Introducing 2-Step Verification for DOKU Dashboard Users

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest security feature, 2-Step Verification! This enhanced security measure adds an extra layer of protection to your DOKU Dashboard account, safeguarding your sensitive information and transactions.

Choose Your Additional Verification Method

Select your preferred verification method to strengthen your account security:

  • Email: Receive verification codes directly to your inbox.

  • Auth App: Utilize an authenticator app for faster and more secure access.

  • SMS: Get verification codes sent directly to your mobile phone.

Activation Steps

Follow these simple steps to activate additional verification:

  1. Log in to your DOKU Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to the 'User Profile' menu and click 'Enable 2-Step Verification'.

  3. Verify the OTP sent to your registered email address.

  4. Create a new PIN to authenticate critical account changes.

  5. Congratulations! 2-Step Verification is successfully activated! You can now enable additional verification methods, such as Authenticator App and SMS.

Enhanced Security Benefits

2-Step Verification provides several benefits to protect your DOKU Dashboard account:

  • Prevents Unauthorized Access: Adds an extra layer of defense against unauthorized login attempts.

  • Protects Sensitive Information: Safeguards your account details and transactions from potential breaches.

  • Promotes Account Security Awareness: Encourages stronger password practices and overall account security consciousness.

We strongly recommend enabling 2-Step Verification for your DOKU Dashboard account. This simple yet powerful security measure can significantly enhance the protection of your sensitive information and transactions.

Additional Tips for Account Security

  • Create Strong Passwords: Use unique and complex passwords for all your online accounts.

  • Avoid Password Reuse: Never reuse passwords across multiple accounts.

  • Enable Multi-Factor Authentication: Utilize multi-factor authentication whenever possible for added security.

  • Be Vigilant of Phishing Attempts: Remain cautious of suspicious emails or websites requesting personal information.

  • Keep Software Updated: Regularly update your operating system, browser, and security applications.

By following these security best practices and activating 2-Step Verification, you can safeguard your DOKU Dashboard account and enjoy peace of mind while conducting online transactions.

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