DOKU Checkout - New Look

New Look on DOKU Checkout | Tuesday, 18 December 2023

We are proud to announce a groundbreaking update to the latest iteration of the DOKU Checkout. This recent series of enhancements uncovers a suite of exciting features meticulously designed to enhance your customers' checkout experience.

New Updates

1) Brand gets Better

  • Larger Logo. Your brand logo takes center stage with our updated DOKU Checkout as it now occupies a prime position in the middle of the page, presented in a larger, more prominent format.

  • Automatic Brand Initials. For added convenience, brand initials are automatically set if you haven't uploaded your own logo.

2) Payments Made Painless

  • Highlighted Logos. Payment method logos are now prominently displayed on the DOKU Checkout, making it easier for customers to quickly identify and select their preferred payment method.

3) Clarity in Countdown

  • Clearer Countdown. Countdown is made more transparent and visible to ensure that customers are acutely aware of the urgency to complete their payment.

  • Customizable Countdown. Change the color of your Countdown Banner to fit your brand aesthetics. This can be configured via DOKU Dashboard.

4) Promotions on Point

  • Set Up Promo. Effortlessly set up promotional campaigns using the DOKU Dashboard and seamlessly integrate promotions directly within the Checkout Page. If an active promo is available, customers will be presented with the corresponding Promo Code, allowing them to enjoy exclusive discounts.

Not seeing the new DOKU Checkout yet?

We're gradually rolling out this upgrade to ensure a smooth transition for all of our merchants. In the meantime, feel free to visit the following article on how you could leverage our Promo Engine for your marketing opportunities.



How do I customize my DOKU Checkout page?

We offer you plenty of options to customize your checkout page via the DOKU Dashboard. You can configure your checkout page by accessing Settings > Checkout Page > Interface Settings Page.

Can I upload a logo larger than 1 MB?

No, currently, the maximum size allowed for logo uploads is 1 MB. This limitation is to ensure optimal image quality and sizing alignment with the checkout page.

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